Feeling Professionally “Stuck”?

Over Seven (7) years Ago, before taking up my current role, I felt I was not making any progress professionally. Although with over Ten years experience in different organizations, I had only my first degree, and it appeared I was doing the same kind of job role over and over again without any career progression. I really felt stuck. Here are Four (4) steps I took that may help:

1. I clearly defined what being stuck meant to me and what I wanted to change and how to measure my results.

2. I enrolled for and obtained a second degree to acquire certification in certain bodies of knowledge, tools and techniques I was already conversant with.

3. I committed to Reading books and Networking to open channels of knowledge and access.

4. I committed to childhood passions to reinvigorate my creativity and love of life.

The “Being-stuck” feeling has since faded away because I have severally repeated steps above and got busy with new, satisfying meanings of personal progress I understood in this process.

Any thoughts? Please drop your comment if this helped in any way.

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3 points from “The intelligent investor” by Benjamin Graham

The Book The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham remains relevant on investment, below are Three (3) main points I find impressionable from this book:

  1. Safe investing requires “thorough analysis” using historical knowledge of steady returns and potfolio diversification.
  2. Intelligent investing still requires input of Financial experts.
  3. As a “defensive” or “enterprising investor”, Think stocks, bonds mutual funds… on a “long-term” basis.

Do you agree if you have read it? You can also add your own take. Please see the link below to the book.

Intelligent Investor: The Classic Text on Value Investing https://www.amazon.ae/dp/0060752610/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_XSa0DbCSDBJ5Q

3 Important Points from the book, Side hustle by Chris Guillebeau

Introduction: A side hustle is a business or project  that generates income while the owner retains regular employment.

  1.  Anyone can check if an idea is worth pursuing as side hustle by ensuring the idea is Feasible, profitable, or persuasive.
  2. A worthy idea can be converted to an offer by furnishing it with a promise a pitch and a price .
  3.  To sell the idea, you will need a work flow, website, Scheduling tool, social media platform, and payment system.

Progress of side hustle should be checked using metrics like profit, growth and time to determine, focus  and improve on only what works.

Check-out the book for greater detail

Checkout the book